Mobile Carts in a Hurry for Testing and Vaccination Sites

We are receiving many, many requests for our Mobile Carts to use Testing Tents and Vaccination Sites.  We have Carts in stock and can often ship within 5 Business Days.  

We are prepared to handle any expedited Cart order.  We can quick ship Carts as we currently have over 200 Mobile Carts in stock.  See more about our Carts here:  ASR Refurbished Carts.

ASR knows Infection Prevention providing effective Devices and Products to combat bacteria, viruses and pathogens since 2014.  We feel that Infection Prevention is part of Point of Care.  Our Keyboards have Microban and many of our Carts have Microban, which inhibits bacteria growth.  See our Infection Prevention Devices.

Some Infection Prevention Devices are in stock and ready to ship today ….others have lead times of a couple weeks. 

Please contact us to learn more.

ASR is a leading Point-of-Care Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center.

is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We know Point of Care and Infection Prevention. With over 40 years combined experience with these necessary tools, ASR has developed many ways to reduce Cost of Ownership and increase your Return on Investment.  Contact us today for a quote.

Visit our website at:

Contact 770.623.0071 or


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