Disinfection Practices for Education and other Places for a Safe New World.

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Our role as Infection Prevention specialists has taught us many things over the past year.  Having entered this space back in 2014, we learned how disinfection practices work in Healthcare to keep patients and Healthcare staff safe.  We know what works, how to do it and why.  We have shared these processes to many other areas including: Schools, Colleges, Day Care Facilities, Churches, Bus Companies, Gyms, Dance Studios, Resorts and Dental Offices. 


They can now implement effective practices to keep everyone safe and healthy. This holds true in Healthcare, the Workplace and at Home.  See our Infection Prevention Devices.

We are also receiving many, many requests for our Infection Prevention Devices, such as:

  • AUVS – UV Box for all Handhelds and devices that can fit inside.  Clean in 55 seconds! Stops Cross Contamination

  • ElectroStatic Sprayers – Backpack Models and Handheld Models.  Sprays solution of your choice at targeted areas.  Very Effective.UHS300N-2T

  • UV-C Hand Sanitizer – Put on Counter, Mount on Wall or Kiosk

  • UV Lights – Either on a Tripod Stand, or Casters or Hard Wired into the ceiling – UV Works in killing Bacteria and Pathogens   

ASR has provided the leading Infection Prevention Devices and Products since 2014. 


Please contact us to learn more.

is bridging the gap for a safe New World. We know Infection Control and Infection Prevention.    

Visit our website at: asrhealthcare.com.

Contact 770.623.0071 or sales@asrhealthcare.com


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