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Telemedicine – Telehealth – Telestroke Services from ASR

July 22, 2014

ASR offers an industry leading, cloud-based Telemedicine service from Krixi Care.  This will help change Healthcare as we know it.  It is easy to use, effective, revenue generating, real-time and completely compatible with EMR.   See snapshot from our website about Krixi below:



Secure, virtual and collaborative Telestroke and Telemedicine services in the cloud

Krixi CareTM is a next-generation, secure, easy-to-use cloud based service that enables consulting physicians to remotely evaluate and treat acute medical conditions such as stroke. 

Consults And Remote Evaluation (CARE) Modules

Our multi-specialty platform is a turnkey solution that enables hospitals and hospital systems to establish, grow and optimize telemedicine and telestroke networks without expensive proprietary hardware or software, without any IT integration and without any dedicated internet connections.

Custom modules and private labeling

  •  Comprehensive – Accurate and Documented
  • Any device, anywhere – Bring Your Own Device
  • Any patient – Stroke, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Pulmonology & General Telemedicine
  • Generate Revenue through Remote Consultation Reimbursements



Physician Benefits

Convenience and ease of use

Krixi CareTM is a convenient, easy-to-use and ubiquitously accessible tool for the remote evaluation of patients from virtually anywhere in the world. Simply use any web browser to conduct secure, virtual and collaborative consultations.

Eliminate travel and lost opportunity costs for taking call

Physicians need not travel to emergency rooms in the middle of the night or incur lost opportunity costs for leaving their clinics during the day to provide call coverage for emergency rooms. 

Reduce medico-legal risk

With completely documented consultations in the format of SOAP notes that physicians are already familiar with, Krixi CareTM helps physicians reduce medico-legal risk associated with time-sensitive treatment such as thrombolysis for ischemic stroke patients.

Get reimbursed for Telemedicine and Telestroke consultations

Physicians can now get reimbursed for telemedicine and telestroke consultations, since Krixi CareTM provides 2-way audio/video as well as data collection capabilities necessary for the highest levels of reimbursement for telemedicine and telestroke consultations.

Hub Benefits

Reduce cost of ownership, increase revenue and achieve ROI rapidly

  • No capital expenditure to use Krixi CareTM
  • No hardware or software installed or configured at the hub hospital. Hence, no need for hiring new or dedicating existing IT resources at the hub to support our service.
  • Earn revenue from downstream treatment of appropriately transferred patients, arriving in potentially better condition following a telemedicine or telestroke consult.

Optimize Emergency Room management

  • Relieve pressure on hub emergency rooms caused by unnecessary transfers.
  • Achieve a better case mix and improved case mix index (CMI)
  • Maintain clinical workload balance for hub emergency rooms as well as for on call physicians.

Build a sustainable, profitable Telemedicine and Telestroke network

  • Develop strong, integrated, long-term referral relationships with spoke hospitals.
  • Leverage a single, affordable platform for all your telemedicine and telestroke outreach programs and increase revenue streams for your hospital.
  • Market a custom-branded telemedicine and telestroke program and increase the brand value of your institution.

Spoke Benefits

Reduce cost of ownership, increase revenue and achieve rapid ROI

  • Minimal capital expenditure to access Krixi CareTM
  • Generate revenue from reimbursement for stroke admissions, suspected stroke admissions and treatment.
  • Increase revenue by retaining higher severity cases and transfer of appropriate patients only.

Optimize Emergency Room management

  • Avoid EMS bypass and stop losing patients to larger facilities, farther away.
  • Achieve a better case mix and improved case mix index (CMI) from appropriate admissions and, consequently, increase revenue for all DRGs.
  • Get 24x7x365 access to specialists in your emergency room.

Build a sustainable, profitable Telemedicine and Telestroke program

  • Develop strong, integrated, long-term referral relationships with hub hospitals.
  • Achieve stroke center certification.
  • Build better patient relationships by bringing care close to home, where it should be.




  ASR is a leading e-health, Telehealth and Telemedicine Provider.  We also integrate and supply Telehealth Carts and Telemedicine Carts.

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 is bridging the gap for Healthcare Systems of all sizes. We are an award winning Healthcare IT company that knows Point of Care and Telemedicine. With over 25 years combined experience Point of Care, ASR has developed many ways to reduce Cost of Ownership and increase your Return on Investment.

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TeleHealth and Telemedicine Solutions from ASR

December 17, 2013

1860 Telehealth Dr3

ASR markets TeleHealth Cart solutions with the best technology available.  Starting with an AccessPoint base cart, our technicians install a monitor or dual monitors, a VESA mounted Camera bracket, shelf for a codec and drawers for other instruments.


Whether we install a CISCO, Polycom or other video conferencing package, the end result is a valuable tool for any Health System.

ASR is a leading Metro Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center. See our videos on YouTube here:

Metro AccessPoint – Unmatched User Experience

Metro AccessPoint – Advanced Medication Management

Metro AccessPoint – Unrivaled Configurability & Integration

Metro SecureRx + MedDispense

AccessPoint Logo

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 is helping Healthcare providers transform their processes. We are a Point of Care company that knows IT and knows Patient Care. Our solutions are unrivaled within Point of Care for Patient Safety, Patient Privacy and Health System efficiencies.

With over 25 years combined experience, ASR has developed many ways to reduce Cost of Ownership and increase your Return on Investment.  Allow us to get creative and show you how.  Contact ASR today for a personal consultation and evaluation of your Point of Care process.

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