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Computer on Wheels – COWs or WOWs – ASR Has Batteries at Great Prices – Save Big $$$

July 28, 2011

ASR is an IT company based near Atlanta, Georgia. We have batteries for your COWs or WOWs at Great Prices $$$$ and a 16 month warranty. We work closely with many Healthcare providers and their IT departments in maintaining the carts both in Atlanta and nationally.

We have developed a quick and easy method for your COW or WOW battery replacements. ASR offers a pick up and delivery service for those in the Atlanta area.

Outside of Atlanta, simply send in the charging unit and we will repopulate it and send it back in a custom double walled box with custom cut out foam. This box can be used again and again ensuring safe delivery. Contact us today for a quote on your Flo Healthcare, General Electric, Rubbermaid and Stryker mobile carts.

Contact 770.623.0071 or