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Flo Healthcare COW or WOW Batteries & Chargers. We Service MPS 4002, MPE 7800 or MPE 7801..Anton Bauer or PowerVar

April 24, 2012

ASR has Flo Approved Batteries available as a replacement for your Mobile Carts. We also have chargers that have been refurbished as a direct replacement for your dead one.

We carry battery packs for MPS 4002, MPE 7800 and MPE 7801 chargers found on Flo 1750, 1760 and 1800 COWs. We also supply batteries for the 2700.

Check our pricing and availability on these. 16 month warranty! Batteries from ASR will not VOID your Flo warranty or annual maintenance agreement.

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Call us for a customized plan to keep your COWs or WOWs rolling! We will repopulate with new NiMH batteries, test them, charge them and ship back to you…ready to install. Our turnaround time will keep your staff and the nurses happy!

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