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Mobile Cart Batteries – Performance and Life

March 31, 2015

The Power System and Battery technology is vital to the efficiency of your Healthcare process using any Computer on Wheels.  Having to plug in because the current battery only lasts 4 hours per shift can slow the daily process.  In today’s Healthcare System, the process is fast, effective and designed to reduce errors.  That requires good tools – Computer on Wheels with great Power Systems and Batteries.  That is exactly why Metro is the leader in Battery Life with their Mobile Cart line.


How long will the battery last each day?  Will it last a full shift?

The batteries on your Computer on Wheels should last a full shift or better.  With partial charging during breaks or lunch, the cart will stay topped off all day.  Metro Batteries last 12+ hours on a full charge.  

How long will the battery last before replacement?

Lithium batteries are like the batteries your laptop uses.  Metro offers two Lithium Battery solutions….a Mid-Grade (to compete with other manufacturers) and a High-Grade.  The Metro Mid-Grade Lithium will last 2500 cycles before having to be replaced.  The Metro High-Grade Lithium Nano (LiNano) is rated for 5000 cycles and in testing, surpassed AccessPoint Battery Replacement10,000 cycles.  That is 8 to 10 years before your Health System has to replace these batteries from Metro.  Longer Shift Life and Longer Battery Life is the best solution for your environment.

Sure, other manufacturers have Lithium Batteries in their Mobile Carts, however, their Lithium technology is the same as the Metro Mid-Grade Lithium.   Mid-Grade batteries have to be replaced at 2500 cycles which is a costly expense a few years down the road.  Why would you settle for mid-grade when LiNano from Metro is available now?  LiNano is definitely superior in life span and costs much less in the long run.

No one but Metro has the HIGH-GRADE LiNano Battery proven with over 5000 cycles!

How long to recharge?

The Power System in Metro Computer on Wheels charges fully in two hours. We know that in some Heathcare Environments a fanless option is needed, the OR, for example. Our Power System is switchable to fanless and the charge time is increased to 3 hours in those cases.

Metro LogoA Little History about Metro:  they are owned by Emerson…the world class company we all know.  In fact, they also own Liebert, the Information Technology Data Center large scale Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Power Distribution Unit (PDU) manufacturer/provider.  Emerson brings the Liebert power knowledge to Metro. With Liebert know how, software and technology behind your Computer on Wheels battery, why would you choose anything else?

ASR is a national leading Metro Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center.  We service the entire USA and Puerto Rico.



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 is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows Healthcare IT and knows Mobile Carts. With over 25 years combined experience with them, ASR has developed many ways to reduce Cost of Ownership and increase your Return on Investment.  Contact us today for a quote on AccessPoint Mobile Carts, the leader in Power, Ergonomics and Infection Control.

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Cart Maintenance Basics – COWs, WOWs, Med Carts, RX Carts

April 28, 2014

Flo 1570 laptop cart with model

Cart maintenance should include routine cleaning and disinfection processes. In all Health Systems, I see Carts in many degrees of condition. Some are visibly clean while others are covered with tape, stickers and just plain dirty. I believe that a Cart should look clean and actually be clean to prevent the spread of disease. Also, a Cart that is clean looks better to patients, their family, their friends and hospital staff. ASR offers detailed cleaning and disinfecting services for COWs and WOWs. This service should be performed a minimum of twice each year. One client wants this done quarterly on his fleet of Medical Carts.

Here is a bit I have put together to share about Cleaning and Disinfection of Carts:

Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization: Point of Care Equipment

All Point of Care equipment including Computer on Wheels (COWs) or Workstation on Wheels (WOWs) and Wall Arms are essential to the care of patients. Because they typically are designed for high use, they also can transmit pathogens if any of the steps involved in reprocessing (Cleaning, Disinfection, or Sterilization) are inadequate or experience failures. Because the majority of pathogens are present in organic matter, e.g. visible soil, the first step in reprocessing, Cleaning is the most important. Any failure to remove soil at this point creates the potential for transmission of infection as the efficacy of subsequent disinfection or sterilization will be compromised.

Every hospital or healthcare facility should have an Infection Control Policy in place and include Point of Care equipment. An Infection Control Policy should be built around:

Cleaning Disinfection Sterilization

Cleaning: This process usually involves detergent or enzymatic presoak that removes foreign material (e.g. dirt or microorganisms) from an object. Cleaning is the most essential step in reprocessing instruments and equipment. Cleaning involves the removal of all foreign material (dirt and organic matter) from the object being reprocessed. Two key components of cleaning are friction to remove foreign matter and fluids to remove or rinse away contamination. This is especially true for manual cleaning of COWs or WOWs, which removes most organisms from a surface. Cleaning is normally accomplished by the use of water or detergents and mechanical actions. Detergent is essential to dissolve proteins and oil that can reside on equipment after use. Detergents lower surface tension and lift dirt or oil away from the device. Studies have shown that thorough cleaning alone can provide a 10,000 fold reduction in contaminants.

Disinfection: Any process, chemical or physical, that destroys pathogens that deems an item is safe to handle for its use. A disinfectant is a chemical agent that destroys most pathogens but may not kill bacterial spores. Chemical disinfection should only be used if heat treatment is impractical or if it may cause damage to the equipment. There is a broad spectrum of chemical disinfectants that have different antimicrobial activities. Most of them do not necessarily kill all microorganisms or spores that are present on an inanimate object but instead reduce the number of microorganisms to a level that is not harmful to health.

Sterilization: Uses an agent that destroys all viable forms of microbial life on any surface. Sterilization methods remove or destroy all forms of microbial life including bacterial spores by either physical or chemical processes. Sterilization is accomplished principally by steam under pressure, by dry heat, and by chemical sterilants. (Because of their size and the electronic components in COWs or WOWs, Sterilization is not a viable option).

Risks of Infection from Equipment

The risks of infection from equipment may be classified into three categories. COWs and WOWs fall into the Low Risk category. These are noncritical items are items that come into contact with normal and intact skin or with the inanimate environment (e.g. walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, sinks, etc.). Cleaning with a detergent and drying is more than adequate. A simple wipe down with an alcohol based disinfectant wipe or once over with a Hospital Grade Disinfectant Spray by the staff before each shift is even better. These processes are essential for every COW and WOW and should be included in your Infection Control Policy.

We understand that budgets are tight.  We will help you stretch your Point of Care device dollar through our VALUE as a VALUE ADDED RESELLER. Partnering with ASR will save you time, money and allow you to better focus on Patient Care.

ASR is a leading Metro Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center. AccessPoint Logo


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 is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows IT and knows Point of Care. With over 25 years combined experience these necessary tools, ASR has developed many ways to reduce Cost of Ownership and increase your Return on Investment.  Contact us today for a quote on Mobile Cart services.

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Mobile Cart Selection – What should we consider for Computer on Wheels (COWs)?

May 14, 2013

  knows Computer on Wheels (COWs) or Workstation on Wheels (WOWs). We have researched the criteria for selecting a Mobile Cart for Hospitals and Health Systems. After polling our local clients and posting questions to HIMSS members through the message board, these are the results of our findings. 1760-iThe questions were:

  1. What is the criteria in selecting Computer on Wheels, Mobile Carts or RX Carts?
  2. Who drives the decision?
  3. Who has input on the decision?

The nursing staff should express their needs/feedback about Mobile Carts through representatives or Nurse Managers. The IT Departments needs to provide input as to supporting a device on the network and Biomed department gets involved (in some cases) in supporting the batteries. Now becoming more mainstream, some institutions are on their 2nd or 3rd generation of carts. History of using these carts creates a wish list for future purchases, to make the staff’s jobs easier.

Allow me to add the following about FLO Computer on Wheels:

  • Easy to Push  – Little effort to push and maintain rolling
  • Small Footprint – Right sized for doorways and tight areas
  • Appropriate Screen Size – Today’s SW recommends larger screens..22″ or even 24″
  • Easy Plug In / Battery Swap – Batteries must be charged regularly
  • Easy to See Battery Gauge  – Should be right above Work Surface
  • Built in Foot Rest
  • Compatible with Software and Wireless NW  – Good reception
  • Back Lit Keyboard – For in-room visits at night
  • Lighted Worksurface – For tools and documents
  • Ergonomic Keyboard Tray – Reduces fatigue
  • ISO and UL 60601 Certified – No Electro Static Discharge within 6′ of COW (FLO is only one Certified)
  • Microban Covered Keyboard or Skin – Prevents spread of bacteria
  • Medication Drawer options – Customized to your needs
  • Easily Upgraded – Field upgraded
  • Many Options Available – Lights, holders, baskets, rails, etc.
  • Great reseller support – ASR is your partner

1760 Rx Mobile

Metro FLO Mobile Carts meet all of the criteria….plus having the Industry Leading Power Systems with batteries that can last a full shift and can be used for 10 years.

ASR is a leading Metro Flo Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center. See our FLO videos on YouTube here:

Metro AccessPoint – Unmatched User Experience

Metro AccessPoint – Advanced Medication Management

Metro AccessPoint – Unrivaled Configurability & Integration

Metro SecureRx + MedDispense

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 is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows IT and knows COWs. With over 20 years combined experience with them, ASR has developed many ways to extend Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment.  Allow us to show you how.

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Computer on Wheels – Getting the Most out of Your COW

July 17, 2012

COWs, as I like to call them, are an essential component in every Health System. Nurses use them, Information Systems supports them and sometimes…Biomed helps out too. This partnership within the Health System is thorough but not complete.

Every Computer on Wheels or COW needs regular Preventative Maintenance and Servicing. That is where ASR fits into the mix… as the Trusted Healthcare Specialist who regularly cleans and maintains the COWs.

See my previous writing about Preventative Maintenance and one about Infection Control to learn more .

ASR is a leading Flo Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center.

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ASR is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows IT and knows COWs. Our technicians have over 13 years experience with them.

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What is your Current Computer on Wheels (COWs) or Workstation on Wheels (WOWs) Plan for Maintenance and Support?

February 13, 2012

ASR is discovering gaps in many Healthcare Systems plans for maintaining and supporting their Mobile Cart fleets. Computer on Wheels (COWs) or Workstation on Wheels (WOWs) need regular attention to:

Look clean and sterile to patients, their family and hospital staff

Stay connected to the network

Have technology that is quick and stays running

Keep all cart components at top shape to reduce down time

Keep batteries changed optimally to realize peak performance

ASR provides Georgia Health Systems an Annual Refresh Program, Annual Maintenance and Support Program and Technology Refresh Program. Each is custom designed to your Mobile Cart need and budget. Contact us today for a COW Consultation.

ASR is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers because we are an IT company that knows IT and knows Healthcare. We are your best source for all Healthcare carts and their support.

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