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Computer on Wheels – Battery Life – What to Consider

June 18, 2013

The Power System and Battery technology is vital to the efficiency of your Healthcare process using any Computer on Wheels.  Having to swap batteries in a Hot Swap environment or plug in because the current battery only lasts 4 hours per shift becomes counterproductive.  In today’s Healthcare System, the process is fast, effective and designed to reduce errors.  That requires good tools – Computer on Wheels with great Power Systems and Batteries.  That is exactly why Metro FLO is the leader in Battery Life with their Computer on Wheels from FLO and just introduced, the AccessPoint.


How long will the battery last each day?  Will it last a full shift?

The batteries on your Computer on Wheels should last a full shift or better.  With partial charging during breaks or lunch, the cart will stay topped off all day.  Metro Batteries last 12+ hours on a full charge.  In fact, at a local user trial in Marietta, GA, the batteries lasted over 13 hours!

How long will the battery last before replacement?

Lithium batteries are like the batteries your laptop uses.  Metro offers two Lithium Battery solutions….a Mid-Grade (to compete with other manufacturers) and a High-Grade.  The Metro Mid-Grade Lithium will last 2500 cycles before having to be replaced.  The Metro High-Grade Lithium Nano (LiNano) is rated for 5000 cycles and in testing, surpassed 10,000 cycles.  That is 8 to 10 years before your Health System has to replace these batteries from Metro.  Longer Shift Life and Longer Battery Life is the best solution for your environment.

Sure, other manufacturers have Lithium Batteries in their Mobile Carts, however, their Lithium technology is the same as the Metro Mid-Grade Lithium.   Mid-Grade batteries have to be replaced at 2500 cycles which is a costly expense a few years down the road.  Why would you settle for mid-grade when LiNano from Metro is available?  LiNano is definitely superior in life span and costs less in the long run.

No one but Metro has the HIGH-GRADE LiNano Battery proven with over 5000 cycles!

How long to recharge?

The Power System in Metro Computer on Wheels charges fully in two hours. We know that in some Heathcare Environments that a fanless option is needed, so our Power System is switchable to fanless and the charge time is increased to 3 hours in those cases.

Metro LogoA Little History about Metro:  FLO Healthcare is a division of Metro and Metro is owned by Emerson…the world class company we all know.  In fact, they also own Liebert, the Information Technology Data Center large scale Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Power Distribution Unit (PDU) manufacturer/provider.  With Liebert know how, software and technology behind your Computer on Wheels battery, why would you choose anything else?

ASR is a leading Metro Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center. See our videos on YouTube here:

Metro AccessPoint – Unmatched User Experience

Metro AccessPoint – Advanced Medication Management

Metro AccessPoint – Unrivaled Configurability & Integration

Metro SecureRx + MedDispense

AccessPoint Logo

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 is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows IT and knows COWs. With over 25 years combined experience with them, ASR has developed many ways to reduce Cost of Ownership and increase your Return on Investment.  Allow us to show you how.

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Flo Healthcare MetroMount Wall Arms – Hard Mounted Systems for Rooms or Hallways

October 25, 2011

ASR is proud to be a Metro-Flo partner marketing their whole line of healthcare related carts, wall arms and med carts.

The Metromount Wall Arms can be positioned between 2 beds and swiveled easily to either side. See specs on these below:

MetroMount™ Wall Arm
The new wall arm form Metro brings healthcare technology equipment
to the point of care with the safety, versatility and reliability necessary to support clinician workflows.
• Intelligent, space-saving design
• Adjusts with single-handed motion
• Durable construction
• Securely supports up to a 40 lbs. monitor
• Guaranteed for life

Designed with the user in mind, the MetroMount Wall arm offers unmatched flexibility with an aesthetic, streamlined design.
• Single-handed adjustment
• Share between two beds
• Seated to standing position
• Smooth machined components
• Antimicrobial surfaces

1 Easy grab handles
2 Left / Right mouse tray
4 Internal cable management
3 Supports up to 40 lbs. (monitor, keyboard, accessories)*
5 Optional pivot limiter provides incremental control of arm movement

Compact design stores 7″ from the wall and extends to 55″ when in use. Optional keyboard cover provides a flexible worksurface for
clinicians and stores the mouse in an easy-to-reach location.

1 Easy grab handles
2 Left / Right mouse tray
3 Internal cable management
4 Supports up to 40 lbs. (monitor, keyboard,
5 Optional pivot limiter provides incremental
control of arm movement
• Installs in minutes
• Can mount direct to dry wall
• Three track lengths: 16″, 32″ & 48″
• Ships in one box
• OSHPD and Engineer certified

Compact and versatile. Perfect for the point of care.

ASR is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers because we are an IT company that knows IT and will assist in supporting mobile carts.

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ASR NiMH Batteries for Flo Mobile Carts Are Approved. SAVE $$$

July 8, 2011

ASR is providing replacement batteries for Flo Healthcare Mobile Carts. These batteries have been tested and now approved without interfering with the warranty or annual support. ASR works closely with the supporting field techs to help keep your mobile carts running and rolling!

We offer: Great Pricing, a 16 month Warranty and Quick Turnaround for your chargers. We have hot spares in-house now…MPE 7800 / MPE-7800. We service the Flo 1750, Flo 1760, Flo 1800, Flo 2000, Flo 2400, Flo 3000, Flo 4000. We offer NiMH batteries and the LIon batteries too. We offer batteries for other Flo carts and other manufacturer carts too. ASR has your mobile cart batteries!

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