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COWs (Computer on Wheels) – Where to Use Them

May 31, 2012

I want to share some information regarding a commonly asked question.

Where else can this COW (Computer on Wheels) be used?

Here are a few suggestions:

Critical Care Unit – Flo 1800, Flexline cart
Recovery Unit – Flo 1760 or Flo 1750
Nurse’s Room – Metro Med Dispense Cabinet, Med Management Workstation
Patient Room – Med Management System, RX Med Cart, Flo 1760, Lionville iPoint 3
Cath Lab – Starsys Storage Cart
Operating Room – Flo 1800, Flexline Anestesia Cart, Metro Case Cart
Emergency Room – Flo 1760, Flo 1800, Lifeline Cart
Central Pharmacy – Lionville Pharmacy Fixtures, Lionville Transfer Cart, RX Carts
Admissions – Flo 1760, Flo 1750, Flo 1510
Central Supply – Metromax iQ Storage Caster Carts

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These are just a few applications to consider. Flo Healthcare and Lionville Carts are our specialty…and the leader in the field. We will talk about uses for Wall Arms later.

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