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Infection Prevention Trifecta for Total Room Disinfection

March 18, 2019

ASR Healthcare has put together an Infection Prevention Trifecta… 1 -2 – 3 to completely Disinfect Rooms in any Facility.

  • HaloFogger


  • Easy to use – no Certifications needed
  • 6 Log Kill – 99.9999% effective (for bacteria, pathogens, viruses and spores) and EPA Certified
  • Fog covers entire room:  Under bed, behind pictures, behind curtains, bathroom, everywhere!

See more about the HaloFogger here:

  • ESS – ElectroStatic Sprayer with Penetrexx Solution from MediDefense with residual kill for 30+ days


  • Use in High Traffic Areas: Waiting Rooms, Hallways, Elevators, Cafeteria
  • Safe to spray with people around
  • Long lasting residual



See this Solution here:


  • AUVS – UV Box for all Handhelds, Scopes and Devices that can fit inside – Prevents Cross Contamination


  • Easy to use and only takes 55 seconds
  • Use at Nurses Stations, Front Desks, Waiting Area, other specific locations
  • Disinfect many devices at once.


Learn more about the AUVS here:

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