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Larger Monitors for Your Computer on Wheels (COWs) – Now Up to 24″ Wide Screens

April 11, 2013

 is helping Healthcare Systems really lower their Total Cost of Ownership through Monitor retrofits on their existing Computer on Wheels (COWs).

New software from EPIC, Cerner, McKesson or others require larger screens to view all of the data displayed without scrolling.  The simple solution is to retrofit a larger monitor, replacing a smaller one on the COW.


Depending on the age of the COW, they could have a 17″ or 19″ monitor on them.  We have been installing 22″ DC Powered and now 24″ AC Powered Monitors successfully…giving new life to the COW.

Here are a few more TIME SAVING BENEFITS:

  • The Nursing Staff is more efficient
  • The new software performs as designed
  • There will be fewer tickets for dead monitors

By adding a new Keyboard and Mouse, the COW from the user perspective is virtually new again.  We have those too!  See this previous blog about Keyboards and Mouse:

Contact us today for a quote on new monitors for your Mobile Cart fleet. We have DC and AC Monitors for every COW.

Make your existing COWs new again!

ASR is a leading Metro Flo Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center.

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 is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows IT and knows COWs. With over 20 years combined experience with them, ASR has developed many ways to extend Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment.  Allow us to show you how.

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Computer on Wheels (COW) or Workstation on Wheels (WOW) Services from ASR. We Have VESA Mounted Scanner Brackets

September 20, 2012

ASR is a complete service provider for Point of Care Mobile carts (COWs or WOWs). We are proud to sell and service all products from Metro Flo. We help keep older COWs going by upgrading technology, batteries and adding accessories.

We have seen a big demand from Healthcare clients who have recently installed EPIC software which require larger monitors for their cart. The larger screen on the 22″ computer monitor is compatible with EPIC and allows the user to see all the columns in a screen shot.

Our most popular accessory now is a VESA mounted Barcode Scanner Bracket. This can be installed on carts of all manufacturers….Howard, Rubbermaid, Egrotron, Stinger, Enovate and more. All they have to have is a VESA mounted monitor. We sell these installed in our immediate area or sell them as a drop ship item for your staff to install.

Whether you need VESA Mounted Scanner Brackets or 22″ Monitors for your Mobile Carts, contact ASR for pricing.

ASR is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows IT and knows COWs. We have over 15 years experience with them.

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