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The Leading Mobile Cart in Healthcare

December 7, 2014

Bedside Bar Code Scanning Mobile Carts, Computer on Wheels, COWs, Workstation on Wheels, WOWs and Nurse Carts are common names for these necessary tools for EMR or EHR  We have a new one coined by a client…BMW..Bedside Medication Workstation.  I love this new one! Our new AccessPoint Cart leads the pack in Point of Care Mobile Carts. I will quickly outline the features that make them the BEST! EMR copy copy

Patient Safety:

  • Made with Microban – Antimicrobial to inhibit bacteria growth
  • Monitor Articulation – Monitor easily moves downward to hide screen from prying eyes
  • UL-60601 Certified – Electronics are safe within 6 feet of any patient

Caregiver Safety:

    • Easy to Push – Lightweight and roll easily
    • Superior Ergonomics – Articulating Keyboard Tray, Articulating Monitor, Foot Rest


Bonus Features:

  • 2 Hour Charge – Also has Option for Fanless Charging (for ORs)
  • 13 Hour Daily Shift Battery Life
  • Small footprint  – easy to get into tight spaces
  • Rear Handles
  • Electronic Lift Adjustment – Push Button
  • Left and Right adjustable Mouse Pads
  • LED Lights – Worksurface and Keyboard – With Dimmers
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Easy Access Battery Storage Area – Pop off the Footrest and there it is!
  • MetroMonitor Software – Allows IT Dept. to remotely see WOW or COW and its battery health instantly.
  • Easy Access Tech Tray – Unlock the Worksurface and remove.  There is the Thin Client, Laptop or Computer.

Monitor Adjust

Keybord Adjustment


Height Adjustment

 With Daily Availability of 13 hours, why consider anything else? 


AccessPoint LogoASR is a leading Metro Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center.    Send us a request for a Catalog

 is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows IT and knows Mobile Carts. With over 25 years combined experience with them, ASR has developed many ways to reduce Cost of Ownership and increase your Return on Investment.  Contact us today for a quote on AccessPoint Mobile Carts. See our new website at: Contact 770.623.0071 or

Point-of-Care for Healthcare … Entering 2013

December 4, 2012

Point-of-Care is where the rubber meets the road in Healthcare. As we move closer and closer to a EMR world, the data capture and data sharing devices are the key. There are different schools of thought on how to outfit a Health System with the right devices. Some choose either COWs, Tablets or Wall Arms. I think that all 3 have their place in today’s Health System.

Healthcare Room Setting

We know this can be done by 3 device families:

Mobile Carts – Computer on Wheels (COWs) or Workstation on Wheels (WOWs)

Tablets or other Handheld Wireless devices

Wall Arms or Wall Cabinets housing Computers

MetroMount Articulating Arm 7

ASR is your best source for Flo Healthcare and Lionville Mobile Carts. Also, contact us for our MetroMount Wall Arms…both medium duty and heavy duty (holds 40#)

Don’t forget we supply batteries for the Flo 1750 and Flo 1760 at great prices…and with a 16 month warranty too!

ASR is a leading Metro Flo Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center.

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ASR is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows IT and knows COWs. We have over 15 years experience with them.

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Order Flo Mobile Workstation New Batteries! Great Prices!

July 13, 2011

ASR is giving new life to Flo Mobile Workstations by replacing dead/dying NiMH batteries with new ones. We provide this service with Great Pricing, a 16 month Warranty and a Quick Turnaround. Our clients love our service!

We have new batteries for the Flo mobile workstations, mobile carts, laptop carts, medication workstations, vitals workstations and critical care workstations.

Contact ASR for pricing. Our tech center will repopulate your charger, test it and send back fully charged. We service most of the Flo Healthcare line of mobile carts, critical care carts and medication workstations.

You can reach us at 770.623.0071 or email us at
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