Mobile Cart Best Practices

We wanted to share a Best Practices for Mobile Carts post based on our client feedback and observations with these essential tools.

Metro_Room AccessPoint_Composite


Inpect at the Start of the Shift


Charged up
Computer up
Scanner working
Badge Reader working and Log In
Check Connectivity
Wipe all surfaces down (sani-wipe) worksurface, handles, keyboard,

keyboard tray, mouse, mouse pad area, barcode scanner

Wipe down Monitor Exterior (Note: Never wipe monitor screen with

Sani Wipe or Alcohol Wipes…use water on Microfiber cloth)

Check your Supplies


Common Supplies – Fill what is needed, excess supplies add more weight   

making your Cart harder to push

Special Supplies – Add what is needed
Instruments  – Add what is needed for the shift

 Doctor with Dual Screen Access

During the Shift


Plug in to top off battery when cart is not in use – even for 5 minutes extends 

run time

Wipe down the cart after leaving each room
Keep cart out of main traffic areas in hallways
Watch where you are going with cart – adjust monitor to provide clear view 

of your intended direction

Be Careful with cart going over thresholds into carpeted area or returning

to hard surface flooring

Be very careful when entering and exiting elevators – some do not always

align correctly with the floor

Turn off display or go to main screen when leaving Cart for long period

of time

Face and engage patient / Family when Charting to increase Patient


Rendered NGPOC



Try to resolve – sometimes a simple reboot works, plug the Cart in
Ask a co-worker for quick help
Report immediately to IT (open a Ticket)
Connectivity or Signal Drops – report to IT


AccessPoint Battery Replacement

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