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NEW!! UV Box to Disinfect All Devices in Healthcare

July 11, 2017

Decontaminate Medical & Non-Medical Hand Held Devices

AUVS’ KR615 Countertop UV Disinfection Device puts “the solution at the source of the problem” and is available around the clock to decontaminate medical and non-medical hand held devices. These devices are a proven sources of cross-contamination that place patients, family members and staff at risk. This greatly raises the bar for Infection Prevention or Infection Control.

KR615 Value:

    • Impact Incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
    • Help Insulate Hospitals from Lost Revenue Reimbursements.
    • Fills Gaps in Hospitals’ Current Infection Prevention Protocols
    • Decontaminates staff personal items before they go home.
    • Provides an Environmentally-Friendly Alternative, no waste.



  • Cell phones and iPads

  • Stethoscopes

  • Blood Pressure cuffs

  • Nurse Calls and Pillow Speakers

  • Call Cords

  • TV Remote Controls

  • Pillow Speakers

  • EKG wires

  • Laryngoscope handles

  • Blood glucose meters

  • Electric thermometers

  • Oximeter sensors

  • Vacuum regulators

  • Ultrasound Transducers

Done in 55 Seconds                    Bulbs last 16,000 Hours                  One Year Warranty

  • Lights last 16,000 lab hours (over 20 years if you use it 40 times per day)
  • Size 20” wide x 10” deep x 9 ¾” tall weighs 9 lbs.
  • 55 second decontamination cycle.
  • Equivalent to 1 million wipes.
  • Installation desk mount or patient room rail mount system.
  • 110 Volt, AC current, normal power.
  • UL listed, bio-testing at FDA consulting lab. 


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