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Mobile Cart Selection – One Size Does Not Fit All

June 8, 2015

As a premier Point of Care Dealer and Service Center for Mobile Carts, ASR knows “One Cart Configuration Is Not Effective in all areas of Healthcare” Metro- 57027 Designed to enhance the Patient Experience and increase Healthcare Efficiency, Computer on Wheels (COWs) should be accessorized for each specific area of the Hospital or Clinic.  A Medical Cart in the ER will be very different from the one found in the ICU.  ASR provides valuable insight into configuring your ideal RX Cart, Laptop Cart or Med Cart.  Learning about the process of your Caregivers  in each area allows us share ways to make them more effective through using the right tools ….the right Mobile Cart with the right accessories for their area. At this point, I have to share this important statement:

Acquiring Mobile Carts for your Facility should not be an on-line or catalog purchase without consultation.  Here’s why:

ASR works closely with IT, Nursing, Biomed and Infection Control to create an ideal Medical Cart for all areas including:Metro_Room AccessPoint_Composite

  • Emergency Room
  • Admissions
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Operating Room
  • Radiology
  • Oncology

Basic Considerations:AccessPoint Battery Replacement

Power System – Low demand?  Long run time?  Fixed Power?  Hot Swap? 

Work Surface Area – Small? Medium? Large? Extra Large?

Ergonomics – Easy to Push? Small Footprint?  Easy to Use?

Screen Size – 22″ LED? 24″ LED? 22″ or 24″ Touchscreen?  

Technology – Tiny PC?  Small Form Factor? Thin Client? All in One? Iiyama Monitor, 22


– Baskets

– Shelf – Drawers Small Supply Basket FMABST 10X9

–  RX Bins

– Sani-Wipe HolderSani Wipe Holder 402477

– Glove Box Holder

– Barcode Scanner BracketZebra Printer Shelf 402382

– Med Cup Holder

– Waste Basket

– Sharps Container

ASR is a national Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center.  We service the entire USA and Puerto Rico.

DCT-1RS-iPAD_3_1-100x165[1]        DCT-6LI-LCD_Web-80x160[1]        datacart-kidney-home-113x160[1]           DCT-1RLT-THS 1                 DCT-1RMX5_2_1-98x160[1]

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 is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows Healthcare IT and knows Mobile Carts. With over 40 years combined experience with them, ASR has developed many ways to reduce Cost of Ownership and increase your Return on Investment.  Contact us today for a quote on Mobile Carts, Laptop Carts, Med Carts and RX Carts.  Our Carts feature the best in Power, Ergonomics and Infection Control.

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