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Infection Control within Point of Care – What is your plan to Reduce HAI?

January 13, 2014

Infection Control – What is your plan to reduce HAI?  ASR is proud to represent HYGREEN, the Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System, to do just that.  In turn, we are helping save Patient Lives and $$$.

ROI is about 1 Prevention per Quarter. 


Ask us how we can immediately help your Health System save BIG $$$ and SAVE LIVES.


Hand hygiene has long been regarded as the most effective method to prevent healthcare associated infections.
HyGreen provides the first line of defense in the control of healthcare associated infections. This electronic hand hygiene monitoring system not only records all hand hygiene events in the hospital, but it also reminds busy healthcare workers to wash their hands between patients.

 The HyGreen Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System is the first and most comprehensive tool to definitively monitor adherence to hand hygiene protocols.

And now, more than ever, improving safety is crucial to your patients and your bottom line.

      • 1.7 million patients are infected by healthcare associated infections each year
      • 270 people each day die from these infections
      • Because hospital stays extended an average of 8 days, HAIs add 13.6 million extra patient days to the burden of patients and hospitals.
      • Federal and state governments, along with private payors, are restricting payments for healthcare associated infection costs to hospitals <!–
      • More than 50% of all hospital associated infections are caused by lack of hand hygiene –>
HyGreen is designed to:
      • Protect patients and staff from HAIs
      • Help lower costs by lowering infections
      • Remind healthcare workers to wash between every patient interaction
      • Save time with comprehensive hand hygiene reporting
      • Eliminate inaccuracies of direct observation

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Infection  Control is important to you and ASR.

We want to help your Health System SAVE $$$ and SAVE LIVES.

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