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Patient Care and Safety – Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), Infection Control Methods and UL60601

October 1, 2012

Allow me to touch on 2 critical areas of Patient Care and Safety.

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) are described as: infections not present and without evidence of incubation at the time of admission into a Healthcare System. Infection control policies help reduce the number of HAIs and better patient care.

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Microban on COWs or WOWs helps too…of course, Flo Healthcare puts Microban into the paint and plastics on their carts. Couple that with Keyboard and Mouse with Microban from Seal Shield, you have greatly reduced the breeding ground for bacteria.

Another big point to cover in Patient Safety is using electronic equipment that is UL60601 certified. That means that any UL60601 medical device has to be safe to have within 6 feet proximity of a patient. UL60601 is in place to keep electonic dicharge from a medical device from reaching a patient. Flo Healthcare Mobile carts are UL60601 certified…not simply stated as compliant. Other COW manufacturers claim their COWs are compliant because each component is certified individually but that still requires in-house certification from those in Biomed. Again, let me state…Flo Healthcare Mobile Carts are UL60601 certified as a complete unit leaving the factory.

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