Computer on Wheels – Getting the Most out of Your COW

COWs, as I like to call them, are an essential component in every Health System. Nurses use them, Information Systems supports them and sometimes…Biomed helps out too. This partnership within the Health System is thorough but not complete.

Every Computer on Wheels or COW needs regular Preventative Maintenance and Servicing. That is where ASR fits into the mix… as the Trusted Healthcare Specialist who regularly cleans and maintains the COWs.

See my previous writing about Preventative Maintenance and one about Infection Control to learn more .

ASR is a leading Flo Healthcare Mobile Cart Dealer and Service Center.

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See the Entire Line at:

ASR is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are an IT company that knows IT and knows COWs. Our technicians have over 13 years experience with them.

Contact 770.623.0071 or

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