Point of Care and Antimicrobial – COWs or WOWs Need Antimicrobial or Microban Keyboard / Mouse

Computer on Wheels or Workstation on Wheels are the main component in Point of Care within a Health System. Moving from room to room, these devices can carry and transfer bacteria.

Antimicrobials are materials that are used to restrain the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi that dwell on non-living objects and surfaces, which cause odors and stains.

What parts of a COW or WOW get touched? Keyboards, Mouse, Med Drawers and Cart Handles/Worksurface.

Flo Healthcare puts an Antimicrobial, Microban, into the paint on their COWs. Their Med Drawers also have Microban.

That leaves the Keyboard and Mouse. ASR and Flo now offer a completely washable Keyboard and Mouse that have Antimicrobial built in. These are made by Seal Shield, who are well known for their innovative products for Healthcare.

Call us for a customized plan to keep your COWs or WOWs clean and disinfected!

ASR will help you upgrade to a washable keyboard and mouse with Antimicrobial properties. This is an important step in Infection Control.
Contact 770.623.0071 or sales@asrcomputer.com

Scroll through the ASR Blog for more information about Maintaining COWs, Cleaning COWs and Supporting COWs in your Health System.

Visit ASR at http://www.asrcomputer.com/

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2 Responses to “Point of Care and Antimicrobial – COWs or WOWs Need Antimicrobial or Microban Keyboard / Mouse”

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