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COWs and WOWs – Maintaining Mobile Carts in your Health System

March 27, 2012

Today’s Topics: Batteries and Regular Maintenance

Being from the IT world since 1985, I like to call them COWs (Computer on Wheels). That being said, let me say this:
Of course, you know when your batteries are on their last leg or when the cart is not hitting the network, this should


be your only time to touch a COW.

Batteries: a Quick Lesson
SLA – Sealed Lead Acid – lasts about a year
NiMH – Nickle Metal Hydride – lasts about 2 years
LIon – Lithium Ion – lasts about 4+ years

Batteries plague every Health System that has COWs. THe best option here is to buy LIon from the beginning or upgrade to them now. THis takes the charging and short battery life out of your COW support equation. (excellent ROI)

COWs get dirty, full of stickers, tape and all kinds of dried fluid. They also carry bacteria. You have to ask yourself, “How does this look to patients, their family and friends and hospital staff?” I would think this is not a good representation of your facility.

Regular Maintenance / Preventative Maintenance
COWs need maintenance on a regular basis. I would recommend once per year at worst case. This would entail, thorough cleaning, sterilizing, vaccuuming, cleaning off stickers and tape, testing all equipment, tightening everything and replacing broken components. A better approach is to perform this twice a year.

For the sake of the investment made in the cart, Preventative Maintenance can go a long way for your Return on Investment (ROI) and Infection Control.

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