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Computer on Wheels – COWs or WOWs – ASR Has Batteries at Great Prices – Save Big $$$

July 28, 2011

ASR is an IT company based near Atlanta, Georgia. We have batteries for your COWs or WOWs at Great Prices $$$$ and a 16 month warranty. We work closely with many Healthcare providers and their IT departments in maintaining the carts both in Atlanta and nationally.

We have developed a quick and easy method for your COW or WOW battery replacements. ASR offers a pick up and delivery service for those in the Atlanta area.

Outside of Atlanta, simply send in the charging unit and we will repopulate it and send it back in a custom double walled box with custom cut out foam. This box can be used again and again ensuring safe delivery. Contact us today for a quote on your Flo Healthcare, General Electric, Rubbermaid and Stryker mobile carts.

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Flo Heathcare Batteries – $ave on Replacements – MPE 7800 or MPE-7800

July 18, 2011

ASR has Flo Approved Batteries available as a replacement for your Mobile Carts. We have many of the battery packs for MPE 7800 chargers found on Flo 1750, 1760 and 1800 COWs. We also supply batteries for the 2700, 2400, 3000 and 4000.

Check our pricing and availability on these. 16 month warranty! Batteries from ASR will not VOID your Flo warranty or maintenance agreement.

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Call us for a customized plan to keep your COWs rolling! We will repopulate with new NiMH batteries, test them, charge them and ship back to you…ready to install. Our turnaround time will keep your staff and the nurses happy!

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Order Flo Mobile Workstation New Batteries! Great Prices!

July 13, 2011

ASR is giving new life to Flo Mobile Workstations by replacing dead/dying NiMH batteries with new ones. We provide this service with Great Pricing, a 16 month Warranty and a Quick Turnaround. Our clients love our service!

We have new batteries for the Flo mobile workstations, mobile carts, laptop carts, medication workstations, vitals workstations and critical care workstations.

Contact ASR for pricing. Our tech center will repopulate your charger, test it and send back fully charged. We service most of the Flo Healthcare line of mobile carts, critical care carts and medication workstations.

You can reach us at 770.623.0071 or email us at
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ASR NiMH Batteries for Flo Mobile Carts Are Approved. SAVE $$$

July 8, 2011

ASR is providing replacement batteries for Flo Healthcare Mobile Carts. These batteries have been tested and now approved without interfering with the warranty or annual support. ASR works closely with the supporting field techs to help keep your mobile carts running and rolling!

We offer: Great Pricing, a 16 month Warranty and Quick Turnaround for your chargers. We have hot spares in-house now…MPE 7800 / MPE-7800. We service the Flo 1750, Flo 1760, Flo 1800, Flo 2000, Flo 2400, Flo 3000, Flo 4000. We offer NiMH batteries and the LIon batteries too. We offer batteries for other Flo carts and other manufacturer carts too. ASR has your mobile cart batteries!

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