Replacement Batteries for Flo Mobile Carts – Save BIG using ASR !

Flo Healthcare Battery Replacements. We have NiMH battery cells for most Flo Mobile Carts with a 16 month warranty.

Are your Mobile Cart Batteries Dying?

ASR can provide the right NiMH Batteries. Locally, we can deliver, install and Recycle your old batteries. We offer full service battery repopulation here at our tech center. Simply send us your charger, we will repop with new batteries, test and send back to you…promptly!

Contact ASR today for Great Battery Pricing !

We offer batteries for the Flo, 1750, Flo 1760, Flo 1800, Flo 2000, Flo 2400, Flo 3000 or any medication workstation, vitals workstation or critical care workstation.

16 Month Full Replacement Warranty

Save Up to 30%

Call us at 770.623.0071 or email at

Visit us here …

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