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System Continuance – Expect the Inevitable

October 11, 2010

It finally happened.  The Power Supply on our in-house server died this weekend.  Imagine coming in on Monday to find your network down and server dead?  That is the definition of BAD.  No work, no email, no accounting and having to diagnose the problem…then source the necessary parts.

I actually had installed this one (our on-site spare) in May, 2010 because the other one was getting loud.  I kept the loud one and labeled the box as such and put it on the shelf in the tech room.

Good thing I did.  The new one died after less than 5 months and the old noisy one is back in place and doing it’s thing.

The lesson here is to either have a server with dual power supplies or have an on-site spare.

Actually, I keep 2 Hot Swap drives, extra RAM, NIC and a Power Supply on hand when the inevitable happens.

Also, I suggest keeping a couple new UPS batteries around.  They give no warning before dying.

Of course, ASR can help you build up your on-hand spares.