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Data Back Up Plan – Try an External Drive

July 5, 2009

How important is your data?  What measures do you implement to protect it?  These are questions that apply to your IT data.  A simple back up device such as a external drive can save your home or personal system.  They are now about $125.00 for a 500GB drive.  That is a bargain.  It simpy plugs into your USB port and the software does the rest.

Having a back up plan can save you time and money when your primary drive fails.  Notice I said when and not if.  Your hard drive and the power supply are the top two failure points in personal computers today.

On a related note, having a plan for your personal life is important, too.  I am now going through a personal situation dealing with family member without a living will.  This has left us with the task of deciding what to do after a severe stroke. 

To all reading this blog…please get your living will in place and while you are at it, update your will.  I’m sure things have changed in your life since your last will.  Do not put this off.  Put this plan in place immediately.